Day 52 @ the farm

Okay guys. It's been a while - again. 7,5 months in Australia, how did that happen?! 1,5 months on the apple farm, another 1,5 to go. So what's new? Last time was 6th of December so I want to say Plenty..

So, in the end of April I started my farm work in a small town called Stanthorpe in Queensland the "sunshine state". Since it started to get colder in Sydney back then I was a bit cocky cause ey, I was going to Queeeensland. I packed shorts, singlets and bikini. What I didn't know was that Stanthorpe is one of the coldest areas in Queensland. By now we have approximately 0-5 degrees in the mornings. And since I don't wanna spend money on a winter jacket, I'm working in two pairs of trousers and a couple of shirts and a couple of jumpers. Still cold.

Picking apples has been as fun as horrible. Or maybe not. The only fun hing about it is actually the friends I have made here which has nothing to do with apple picking itself.. It's been long days, hard work, a lot of bruises and scratches on arms and legs, I've been scared to death on the top of the ladder, been treated like an animal by supervisors etc..

The hostel is nice and I have nothing to complain about except the freezing nights.. We're having a blast on our Saturday nights at the pub and we're working out at the gym whenever we get a chance. Pretty normal life with other words.


1 mormor:

Tack för alla bilderna. Du har snart klarat av de 88 dagarna och ibland har ni roligt trots kyla och arbete. Här har vi svensk sommar med sol o regn.
Carl var hos oss och tentamensläste nästan tre veckor. Glass varvat med mjölkchoklad gjorde att han stod ut med oss. Han åt två lagade mål mat med god aptit och det gjorde att jag stod ut med honom.
Så har vi firat Eriks student och det blev en rolig fest med god mat. Alla var där. Nu längtar jag bara på att du kommer hem. Var rädd om dig. Varma kramar fr mormor

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